Bespoke Outdoor Clocks

The Ultimate Bespoke Solution

At As Time Goes By our design team can help you to create a bespoke clock feature to surpass your expectations. We employ a highly skilled team of engineers, sheet metalworkers and fabricators together with the latest start of the art CNC machinery producing clocks and features of the highest quality. We have the in-house ability to create bespoke exterior clocks and architectural features of any size and shape using all manner of materials. Our greatest asset is our adaptability to change, as materials improve and styles change we quickly react to esure our clocks remain timeless.

All bespoke exterior clocks built by As Time Goes By will come with our state of the art clock mechanism and clock control systems to ensure your bespoke exterior clock stays on time, always. As Time Goes By offers over 30 years experience in providing custom-made exterior clock features, large or small. We offer a range of different structures to house our clocks from an ever increasing list of materials. As Time Goes By exterior clocks can be incorporated into drum clocks, pillars clocks or clock towers providing a high quality and unique architectural feature.


Unparalleled Attention to Detail

Working Together

Working with our clients closely we can turn any vision into stunning reality.

Any Material

Our knowledge and experience allows us to creat stunning items from almost any material.

Powerful Performance

Finely tuned and counterbalanced hands increase accurancy and are powder coated prior to gilding for longevity.

Highly Accurate

Our master clock control system automatically adjusts for GMT/BST time changes as well as power failures.

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