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2021 - 2022 PRICE GUIDE

Roman Convex & Arabic Convex Outdoor Clocks

Dial Size 460mm 610mm 760mm 915mm 1200mm 1500mm
Prices Ex. Vat £400 £475 £595 £700 £950 £1200
Master Clock Control System - Automatic BST/GMT and Power Failure adjustments up to Four Clocks. £270
Dial Lettering £25 £25 £25 £35 £40 £50
Clock Surround £170 £190 £210 £250 £340 £450
UK Mainland Delivery £18 £18 £18 £30 £55 £60


Any RAL/ BS 5252 Colour additional £50


Dial writing and personalisation from £25


We accept Card, Cheque, BACS & Bank Transfer


UK Mainland Delivery from £18


3-Year Return to Base Warranty

Our convex clock dials are produced in GRP (glass reinforced polyester) in a range of standard colours although any colour from the BS or RAL colour ranges is available.
The colour pigment is added to a UV stable polyester gel coat offering excellent weather protection and minimal maintenance. This means your exterior convex clock dial will stay bright and vibrant for many years to come. These traditionally designed convex clocks look great on any exterior wall or building. Our outdoor clocks transform any stable or pavilion leaving a timeless classic feature for all to enjoy.
Depending on the colour each dial is hand finished with 23½ carat double thickness gold leaf applied to the raised outer ring and Roman numerals. Each dial can be personalised to commemorate significant dates and individuals.

The additional bezel surround contains the clock mechanism allowing the clock to be surface mouted to an exterior wall without the need to rebate the clock mechnism into the wall.

For Dial Size 460mm 610mm 760mm 915mm 1000mm 1500mm
Price Ex. VAT £170 £190 £210 £250 £340 £450
  • Can power up to 4 clocks
  • Automatically Adjusts for BST/GTM time changes
  • Automatically Advances the clock to the correct time following power failures
  • Synchronous with our electronic bell chiming and striking systems
  • Optional GPS and MSF Support
  • Optional battery backup and solar power to keep the clock on time all of the time
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