Finished as standard in grey, a decorative alternative to traditional weathervanes.

Finial Size Size A 180mm Size B 234mm Size C 292mm
Prices Ex. Vat £80 £100 £150
Custom Colours and Finishes Available. If you are unsure of size, please contact us and we will help select the correct size finial for your roof turret.
UK Mainland Delivery - £15 Exc. VAT

Finials, like weathervanes compliment an existing roof turret or clock tower. Our finials have been specificially designed to blend seamlessly with our range of roof turrets and clock towers with an innovative installation system.

Manufactured GRP in the same finish and colour as the rest of our roof turrets and clock towers. The highly UV stable finish ensures that the finial will remain the crowning jewel for many years to come. Our Finials are easily installed to your existing turret or tower.

Rest assured, the highest quality materials are use throughout our product range.

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