Bespoke GRP Sturctures

Examples of bespoke roof projects
Bespoke Roof Turret
Glazed Roof Turret

Bespoke Glazed Turret

A stunning bespoke Roof Feature over 2m in height with double glazed window units and custom made roof.

  • Created Using: GRP and Bespoke Glazed Windows
  • Completed: 2014
GRP Bell Tower

Bespoke GRP Bell Tower

A custom bell tower made to exacting specifications featuring four, stunning skeleton clocks.

  • Created Using: Low maintenance GRP
  • Completed: 2013
Farnham Clock Tower
Restored Clock Tower

Farnham Clock Tower

A beautiful restoration project. An exact replica of an existing and decayed wooden clock tower was manaufactured in GRP. Featuring a stunning skeleton clock dial.

  • Created Using: GRP moulds and samples of the original structure.
  • Completed: 2017
Farnham Clock Tower
Restored Clock Tower

Three Glazed Turrets

Three Stunning custom glazed roof turrets, manufactured in house. Featuring glazed apertures with a pillar supported design.

  • Created Using: Bespoke GRP moulding techniques and precision cut glass
  • Completed: 2017