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Outdoor clocks create spectacular features raising the visual aspect of any wall or building. We Incorporate traditional styles with modern manufacturing techniques to create exceptional mechanisms and control systems ensuring reliability. The exterior clocks we manufacture at our state of the art facility are of a superior quality designed to stand the test of time. Outdoor clocks provide a focal point for communities and are enjoyed by generations of all ages often to commemorate important dates and loved ones.

As Time Goes By, England.

Our specialty is the manufacture of exterior clocks. We pride ourselves on the quality of every individual component. Our clocks are also suitable for creating an elegant interior feature. Our passion, dedication, skills and experience sets our range of products apart. We offer a bespoke service for all out clients. Gold and vinyl lettering is available across our range and mainland UK delivery is included.

Price Guide Exc. VAT.

Style Dial Size 460mm 610mm 760mm 915mm 1200mm 1500mm 1800mm

Outdoor Clock Mechanism

£450 £525 £650 £750 £1000 £1300 -

Skeleton Clocks

£450 £525 £650 £750 £1000 £1500 £1750

School Clock

£450 £525 £650 £750 £1000 £1300 -
Master Clock Control System Additional £250 Automatic BST/GMT Time adjustments and following power failures for up to 4 clocks.
Dial Lettering From £30
Clock Surround Additional £200 £220 £230 £280 £420 POA POA
Skeleton Dial LED Illumination Additional £90 £90 £95 £95 £110 £160 £210
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Traditional Convex Clocks

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Skeleton Clocks

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Arabic Dials

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Our exterior clocks are hand finished and manufactured to the highest quality. Each clock comes finished and ready to install. To ensure your exterior clock is on time all of the time our master clock control system will manage power failures and BST/GMT time adjustments. All our clocks have been designed to be either mounted as exterior wall clocks or housed within our clock towers. We can also supply drum and bezel surrounds for all of our outdoor clocks. Our modern outdoor clocks make an excellent replacement for traditional mechanical turret clocks providing a controlled and almost maintenance free alternative.

The Superior Touch

Our clock dials are hand gilded with 23 ½ carat double thickness gold leaf. The hands are aluminium or stainless steel that are finely counterbalanced to protect the clock movements from premature wear. The hands are powder coated prior to gilding to ensure longevity. Our dials can then be finished with decorative writing, gilding or logos depending on preference. We will work with you to help choose the best style and finish to the clock.


Unparalleled Attention to Detail

23 ½ Carat Gold Leaf

Double thickness, beautiful and highly resistant to the elements with the option for gold or vinyl lettering.

Raised Numerals

Raised edges give additional detail highlighting the gold and bringing it to life.

Powerful Performance

Finely tuned and counterbalanced hands increase accurancy and are powder coated prior to gilding for longevity.

Highly Accurate

Our master clock control system automatically adjusts for GMT/BST time changes as well as power failures.

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