Mechanisms & Hands

Clock Mechanisms

Our Exterior Clock Mechanisms or Mains Clock Movements are produced from non ferrous materials throughout. The precision engineered gears are supported from self lubricating materials. Produced to the highest accuracy this ensures reliability and accuracy of the clock. With materials chosen for durability and strength your exterior clock mechanism is designed to last and stand the test of time.

Available as synchronous or as a stepper mechanism allowing it to be automatically and adjusted by our master clock control system.

Outdoor Clock Hands

Our exterior clock hands are laser cut from aluminium for strenght and lightness. Each hand has a strengthening rib pressed along the centre to increase the rigidity and ensure maximum stability in driving wind and rain. The hands are then finely counterbalanced to protect the clock movements from premature wear. The hands are powder coated and where applicable they are hand finished with 23½ carat double thickness gold leaf.

Our optional clock control system ensures your outdoor clock maintains the correct time all of the time. Should the clock suffer a power failure once the power returns the clock will automatically advance to the correct time.

The system will automatically adjust for BST/GMT change . The As Time Goes By Clock Control System incorporates a range of highly innovative electronic optional systems receiving GPS or MSF signals backed by extremely accurate time and date microprocessors with optional facilities such as battery backup and solar power. Our control systems are easy to use and install. You will find that once installed you will rarely touch it again.

Prices start at £395 Exc. VAT.
Add the Master Clock Control System for £250 Exc. VAT